Elevate your contracting business with the advanced package plus, leveraging my career highlights to bolster project credibility and white-labeling all trainings with your company logo. Benefit from bi-monthly private Zoom calls for training support, semi-annual virtual continuing education sessions, direct virtual access for owners and managers, strategic growth and exit strategy consultations, and complimentary company evaluations to optimize your operations effectively.


Includes The Intermediate Package Plus:

Use my career highlights for your projects to enhance credibility.

White label all my trainings to your company logo.

Private zoom calls 2x a month to help you train new reps and close deals.

Semi-annual virtual one day continuing education for owners, staff and reps.

Direct access to me virtually for owners and managers for calls, zoom, text and e-mails.

Consult with you for growth strategies and exit strategies.

Complimentary company evaluations.

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