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Commercial Property Network

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The Advanced Package Plus:

  • – All New Reps Can Join Online Trainings For Free.
  • – Come To Any National Event, Conference and/or Live Class Training For Free.
  • – Help You Write Large Loss Scopes and Estimates. 
  • – Hire Me As Expert, Site Visits and Board Room Meetings. Usually $500, You Get For $300/Hour Plus Travel Per Diems.
  • – Earn Up To 10 Certifications and Hands On Training-Wrap Roof, Re-Dry Fans, La Polla and UPC Foam, Tropical and Progressive Materials, Silicone, Carlisle, Firestone, Mule-Hide and GAF Single Ply.
  • – Access To My Private Network For National Resources, Preferred Vendors, Technologies, Continuing Education Programs, Financing, Manufacturers and Suppliers, Large Loss Estimators, Large Loss Supporting Vendors, Data Scrubbers, Call Centers, Marketing Firms, Engineers, Hygienists, Consultants, Legal Counsel, Building Material Manufacturers, Building Material Suppliers, Storm Monitoring, Meteorologists, Mentors, Coaches, Clients, Business Accountants, Trust Advisors, Investment Advisors, Bankers, Private Equity Platforms, Legal Counsel, Discovery Experts, CAT Adjusters, MRP’s and DRP’s.
  • – I Will Help You Close Retail and Restoration Contracts.
  • – My Preferred Vendors Will Help You Close Contracts.
  • – I’ll Show You How I Closed $86M Of Restoration Contracts During COVID.
  • – I’ll Show You How I Secured 17,000 Commercial Properties Under My Asset Protection Network.
  • – I’ll Show You How I Created and Managed $292M In Contracts Throughout My Career.
  • – I’ll Teach Your Entire Staff My Expert Courses and 40 Years Of Trades Secrets!
  • – Learn Commercial Retail, Repairs, Maintenance Plans, Emergency Services and Full Restoration Services.
  • – Learn To Create Growth Plans, Projected Earnings and Prepare Your Company For Multiple Exit Strategies.
  • – Learn To Master Boardroom Meetings, Strategic Planning, Storm Deployments and New Market Developments.